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Acne Scar Treatment Ankara

Acne scar treatment Ankara is a process that generally starts in adolescence by the society. However, acne scar can be a nightmare for people of all ages. Acne can manifest itself during your stressful periods and when you are overwhelmed by your busy work schedule.

What is Acne Scar Treatment?

Acne scar treatment Ankara is done with various treatment processes and methods as in every field. These types of treatment vary according to the scars left by acne. The treatment of spots in the upper layers of the skin is the easiest compared to other types and it may be possible to pass in 1-2 sessions.

How to Treat Acne Scar Ankara?

Acne scar treatment should be done by doctors whose specialty is dermatology. In order not to cause various complications, the treatment process should be planned and prepared by expert staff. The type of treatment is a very important factor in acne treatment. Types of acne are divided into 4 types. The skin is peeled off using a chemical peeling method to remove superficial acne scars. However, while being dermaroller treatment, PRP treatment is applied. At the same time, while applying dermaroller, mesotherapy and fractional laser treatment is applied. A superficial chemical peeling is applied while applying the Icepick scar type acne scar treatment method. Then microneedling (dermaroller) is applied. After this process, PRP, fractional CO2 laser and spot TCA, fractional needle radio frequency method are used. Another type of acne is boxcar acne scars. A deep chemical peeling method is used. Then dermaroller and PRP are applied. Treatment continues with fractional CO2 laser and PRP. Fractional Er-YAG laser, fractional needle radiofrequency and PRP treatment are applied together with punch raising and the treatment is terminated. In Rolling scar type pimples, the acne scar is different than the others and it occurs because the upper layer of the skin is pulled by the lower layer of the skin. Therefore, chemical peels used in other acne, spot TCA, fractional CO2 laser, fractional needle radio frequency, etc. the methods are not effective enough. Subcision and filling methods are frequently used in the treatment of rolling acne scar.

Who Can Have Acne Scar Treatment?

These treatment methods may vary, taking into account the region in which they are applied and the type of treatment. It is beneficial for pregnant women not to do it. However, age flexibility can be achieved especially in health conditions.

Does Acne Scar Treatment Have Any Side Effects?

The side effects of these treatments are very low. After treatment, rashes appear on the skin. These rashes depend on the sensitivity of the skin. It can last for 48 hours on sensitive skin. Foundation can be used in this process.

How Long Does Acne Scar Treatment Take And When Will I Return To Daily Life?

Since the scar tissues are burned during the treatment, 4-8 weeks are required to repair the skin. In the treatment of scars, treatment is applied in 3 sessions between 4-6 weeks. Treatment is not a temporary treatment and its results are permanent. Since the skin is repaired, it is not possible for it to deterioration again. If your doctor deems appropriate, he or she may recommend using a care cream after the treatment is completed to accelerate healing. After the treatment, your skin should be prevented from contacting with water for 12 hours and make-up should not be applied. During the treatment, your skin will be repaired as soon as possible by using the sunscreen cream recommended by your doctor. Apart from that, if you are allergic to a product or chemical, you should inform your doctor. If you have not had an allergy test before, you can consult your doctor and have your allergy test done for a short time and you can get healthier product recommendations that will not be harmful to use.

Is Acne Trace Treatment Performed Under Narcotics?

Narcosis is not used in the treatment of acne scar. Instead, a numbing cream is applied to prevent minor pains that may occur in treatment, and this will be enough. You can contact us to get more detailed information about the process to be done in this sense. Our aesthetic experts will provide you with the necessary assistance in all matters. You can get information by contacting us immediately for any aesthetic procedure you want in Ankara.