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Prp Platelet Rich Plasma

Prp Platelet Rich Plasma Ankara

Prp Ankara is a platelet rich plasma stem cell therapy based treatment method. It is used in the treatment of wrinkles, skin renewal, scars and acne scars and hair loss. A specially prepared kit is used in the treatment of PRP.

What is Prp Platelet Rich Plasma?

In order to apply platelet rich plasma PRP treatment, the person's own blood is taken first. In this way, treatment begins. It has been scientifically proven that it is an effective method for skin regeneration, scars, acne scars, hair loss.

How is Prp Platelet Rich Plasma Performed?

To apply Prp therapy, the patient's blood is taken and the speed is adjusted to 3000 rpm for 8 minutes and put into a centrifuge. It is mixed with a specially prepared kit called DNA activation. Active thrombocytes and leukocytes grow. Using PRP, the growth, migration and proliferation of stem cells are triggered, resulting in tissue regeneration. The biggest advantage of this method is that the serum is obtained from the patient's own blood and therefore does not carry any risk of allergies. The area is locally anesthetized and a 2-3 mm piece of skin is removed from the back of the ear skin. Fibroblast cells are propagated in tissue cultures in the laboratory. Even if the times vary according to the person, the first solution containing fibroblasts is obtained after one month. In this process, new solutions are prepared and kept ready to be used in the second and third sessions. The area to be applied is anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream. The prepared liquid is then made into small injections into the skin. An average of 20 to 40 million fibroblast cells penetrate the skin in each application. The treatment is generally applied in 3 sessions with a 4-week break. At the end of these three sessions, the number of cells injected into the skin is around 100 million.

Who Can Have Prp Platelet Rich Plasma?

People who want to have this treatment are people who are disturbed by wrinkles in their skin, patients affected by external factors that stop regeneration in their skin, people who are uncomfortable with non-healing scars, people of all ages who are disturbed by acne scars and people who are disturbed by their hair loss and who desire to regain their old appearance. This method, which should especially be preferred by people with allergies, is one of the highest level of treatment methods that current technology has reached. For this reason, applying this treatment should be done professionally by specialist physicians, although it is only related to the person's own will. Otherwise, as in every operation, it is possible to experience complications such as germs in the operation performed in non-sterile environments with the wrong methods.

Does Platelet Rich Plasma Has Any Side Effects?

This treatment does not have any side effects. In this sense, we can easily say that it is an intervention that will not cause any trouble.

How Long Does PRP Last And When Will I Return To Daily Life?

Since the duration of this treatment is 3 sessions with 4 weeks intervals, the sessions end in 8 months, but the healing process may take longer. In this treatment, fibroblasts begin to repair the damaged tissue. Even if the effect begins more slowly than other methods, a regular improvement is seen for 6 to 24 months. And you start to have a bright and vivid appearance with reduced wrinkles and sagging. The improvement is long lasting, even it has been observed that it takes 4-5 years. Since it is produced from the patients' own cells, it does not carry the risk of allergies, its restorative effect is more pronounced compared to other methods, filling and PRP etc. It is more effective than the other methods.

Is Prp Platelet Rich Plasma Performed Under Anesthesia?

The application is not performed under anesthesia. Instead, a local anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be made. In this sense, you can easily reach more detailed information through us. Our expert teams will provide you with the necessary results for a quality intervention. In this regard, you can be our guests from every region of Ankara, you can get information on any subject you want.