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Focused Ultrasound Ankara

Focused ultrasound Ankara has started to be done a lot lately. Thanks to this system, which stands out especially with its coverage in the press, results can be obtained in a much more comfortable way. Those who want to remove wrinkles, especially on the face and neck, or those who want to make the skin younger prefer this method. It is a much simpler procedure than a normal surgical procedure. In a few sessions, the desired results can be obtained easily.

What is Focused Ultrasound?

While giving information about focused ultrasound Ankara procedures, let's try to make a more descriptive process by giving information about what this is, of course. Focused ultrasound system is generally a procedure performed by sending sound waves to the lower layers of the skin. In this way, the carrier tissue system activates the production. Thanks to this movement, the skin starts to tighten and of course it ends with recovery. However, we can easily say that it is a painless and non-surgical rejuvenation method in general.

How Is Focused Ultrasound Performed?

Focused ultrasound is a process that takes up to hours. Sometimes it may be appropriate to apply up to 3 sessions. In this sense, first of all, an opinion should be given by the expert. It is ensured that the transaction is carried out within these transactions made by the specialist. The application called sedation or regional anesthesia is completely performed depending on the patient's preference. In this way, the feeling of pain is completely prevented. In this process, waves of 3 millimeters to one and a half millimeters are sent under the skin, allowing it to act from here. It is seen that collagen production increases when these areas are activated. This increase in production will start to make the skin surface smoother. You will see the effect in a very short time. After 2 hours, you will start to see the results gradually. We can say that tightening will occur and at the same time, it is a system that stands out with its non-surgical face lift effect.

Who Can Have Focused Ultrasound?

Focused ultrasound is an application that can be preferred by everyone as there is no surgical intervention in general. In general, it is a special process that increases the effect of collagen and is made with sound waves. It is necessary to have this procedure done with the approval of the expert, so you will get more health results.

Are There Any Side Effects of Focused Ultrasound?

Since the focused ultrasound procedure is not a surgical procedure, there is no side effect. After the procedure, redness occurs in the treated area. However, it disappears 2 hours after the procedure. In other words, the skin passes this on its own. In this sense, results can be obtained without any difficulties.

How Long Does Focused Ultrasound Take And When Will I Return To Daily Life?

Focused ultrasound operation generally takes about an hour. It is performed as a session lasting between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. It can get results in 1 session or it can be extended up to 3 sessions. However, in general terms, it is seen that results are obtained in one session. You can continue to daily life immediately and do not have any trouble. You will immediately see the result of the transaction.

Is Focused Ultrasound Performed Under Anesthesia?

Focused ultrasound is not an operation performed under anesthesia. It is done very simply. Sedation or local anesthesia can be used. This is done entirely at the request of the patient. The issue to be considered is getting an expert opinion. It may be more correct to carry out the procedures after expert opinion. In this sense, you can get the results you want more easily. Therefore, you can consult with our experts in Ankara and have the chance to get healthier results directly.