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Acne Treatment Ankara

Acne and Pimples

Acne and pimples affect adolescents to a large extent. However, acne problems can also be seen in adults. Acne or pimple formation occurs when the oils produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin cannot be removed from the skin surface and are caused by blockages. Inflammation is seen when the bacteria on the skin surface, which are not normally harmful, fill the blocked oil channels.

What Causes Acne?

There are certain factors that trigger acne formation. Hormonal changes play a big role in the formation of acne and acne, especially depending on the puberty period. In addition, a variety of bacteria can cause acne formation. Certain conditions, acne problems can be serious and long-term treatments may be needed. Different approaches can be applied in combination in these treatments.

Laser Acne Treatment - Laser Acne Scar Treatment

Using different laser systems, both acne treatment with laser and acne scar treatment can be performed with laser. As a working principle, laser beams provide drying of acne with heat energy. At the same time, excessive oiliness that causes acne formation on the skin is prevented and the pores in the skin are tightened. Laser acne scar treatment also provides shortening of collagen fibers in the skin by heating the under the skin of lasers, thus the tension increases and provides removal of traces. At the same time, warming triggers new collagen synthesis and provides skin renewal and reduces scars.

How to Treat Acne with Laser?

For acne treatment, the laser method should be considered appropriate after the treatment process is decided by the doctor. Before the procedure, the skin is thoroughly cleaned and dirt and makeup residues are removed. The process is carried out by sending laser beams of certain wavelengths to the skin, which is thoroughly cleaned and dried, with laser systems. Laser acne scar treatment is performed in this way. Also different laser systems can be used in these treatments.

How many sessions does laser acne and acne scar treatment take?

Session duration may vary depending on the depth of the problem. The amount of acne or the areas where the acne is is important in determining how many sessions will be done. On average, at least 3 sessions of laser treatment may be required.

Laser Acne Treatment Results

After removing the acne with laser, the permanence of the results is actually related to whether the factors that cause acne formation are removed. We can say that laser acne treatment will be permanent with approaches such as removing problems such as excessive oily with skin care after treatment, keeping the skin constantly clean, using natural water-based products for care and medical skin care.

After Acne Scar Treatment With Laser

Although the first effects of laser acne scar treatment can be seen after the procedure, the main improvement and results occur after 6-12 months, both with the realization of healing and the completion of collagen production.

Temporary redness and mild crusting may occur for 5-10 days after acne scar treatment with laser. Negative results such as staining and infection are very rare if the procedure is done correctly.

Laser Acne Treatment Considerations

One of the most important points to be considered for acne and acne scar treatment with laser is the choice of a physician. The choice of the physician can affect both the likelihood of treatment failure and the occurrence of negative consequences.

Laser Acne and Acne Scar Treatment Prices

Laser acne treatment prices and laser acne scar treatment prices are affected by the change in the number of sessions according to the patient's problem. Laser acne treatment prices may also vary depending on factors such as the city where the clinic is located and the year to be performed. Acne treatment prices may also vary compared to previous years. Due to legal regulations, it is forbidden to publish the pricing of medical transactions in our country on websites. You can call the phone line 0 (312) 219 18 82 in order to get detailed information about the subject and ask questions in your mind.