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French Lip

The French lip Ankara is one of the procedures preferred by women who want to make their lips look more aesthetic. As is known, lip fillers are one of the most preferred aesthetic operations in recent years. It is of great importance to find experts in this field and to make the right aesthetic procedures.

What is a French Lip?

The French lip Ankara is an aesthetic operation that has been widely heard in both social media and the press. Changing the shape of the lips and creating more smooth looking lips are achieved with filling. It mainly determines the lip lines and gives a more aesthetic appearance. It is known as a procedure that can be easily applied in terms of both aesthetics and health.

How to Perform a French Lip?

The French lip operation is actually not a very difficult operation. It is an operation that should be performed by experts. When you meet with the specialist before the operation, she/he will inform you how to proceed. Applying too much filling can also cause unpleasant consequences for people. Therefore, it is absolutely important to get expert opinion. Before starting the filling process, the lip area is numbed. The area around the lips is numbed and after that, the filling is injected through fine needles. Actually these are hyaluronic acids. In this way, results can be obtained easily.

Who Can Have French Lips?

The French lip is one of the aesthetic operations that can be done after the age of 18. Since it does not have any side effects, it can be preferred under 18 years of age, especially in health conditions. However, at a very young age, it is not an intervention preferred by experts, due to the inability to achieve full development of the body. However, since it is an injection method for hyaluronic acid increase in the body, it can be done without any trouble. Hyaluronic acid is actively present in the body.

Are There Any Side Effects of French Lips?

There are no side effects in French lip procedures. Of course, there is no such problem, provided that it is done by expert hands. In addition, redness or swelling may appear after these procedures are performed. This will be completely gone within 3 to 7 days. You can also cover this rash with makeup if you want.

How long does the French lip procedure take and when will I return to daily life?

The French lip operation takes approximately 30 minutes. There is an anesthetic cream application for 10 minutes before this operation. You can see the result of the process within 30 minutes after the lips becomes numb. You immediately see the results of the transaction and you can return to your daily life immediately. Experts here indicate that you should avoid intense sports and taking hot showers in the first week.

Is French Lip Performed Under Anesthesia?

As is known, narcosis can cause fear in people. However, the French lip operation is performed using an anesthetic cream. In this sense, it is a process that you can get results easily. You can consult our experts to get more detailed information on this subject. Our experts will give you detailed information on this subject and will help you to carry out your transactions more comfortably.