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Permanent Thread Lift Ankara

Permanent thread face lift Ankara operations are one of the more preferred operations recently. Of course, people may need aesthetic operations for various reasons. These can be encountered both for health reasons and for a more aesthetic and beautiful posture. In addition to being an easy method, being permanent at the same time makes these aesthetic operations more prominent.

What is Permanent Thread Face Lift?

Permanent thread facelift is actually an operation in which the surgical threads we know are used. During this operation, these threads are injected under the skin in places with wrinkles in general. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Of course, one of the most important things here will be to pay close attention to the wrinkle sections.

How is Permanent Thread Face Lift Performed?

For permanent thread face lift operation, you must first get expert opinion and approval. The area where the operation will be performed should be marked and the patient should be prepared for the operation accordingly. After that, transactions are carried out in line with your requests. After the area is anesthetized, the surgical thread is injected under the skin with very fine needles. This process can take approximately 45 minutes. You can continue to your daily life after the procedure.

Who Can Have Permanent Thread Face Lift?

Permanent thread facelift operation is an operation that everyone can has, but it is mostly preferred after the age of 30. It is not highly recommended for those under the age of 18. Only if there is a health condition under the age of 18, this operation can be performed with the approval of the esthetician.

Are There Any Side Effects of Permanent Thread Face Lift?

Permanent thread face lift operation is an aesthetic operation in general, but it is an operation in which surgical threads are used. Therefore, there is no scar or any side effect. Sometimes rashes can be seen only after the first procedure. After these situations, you can also cover this area with make-up materials if you wish. You will not have any trouble in any way. You have the chance to get a very comfortable result.

How Long Does Permanent Thread Face Lift Take And When Will I Return To Daily Life?

After the permanent thread face lift operation, you can continue to daily life in general. More precisely, it can take 10 days to get the result you want. Up to 3 months, the recovery process will be completed. You start to see the first results in 10 days. In general, it is an operation that takes about 45 minutes. After this operation, you can continue to your daily life. Avoiding doing heavy work and taking a bath with very hot water between the first 1 week and 10 days will give more accurate results.

Is Permanent Thread Face Lift Performed Under Anesthesia?

Permanent thread facelift operation is not an operation performed under anesthesia. It is an operation performed using completely local anesthesia and anesthetic cream. You can contact us for detailed information about the operation and for your questions. You can rely on us for accurate and healthy results.