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Plasma Technology Wrinkle Treatment

Plasma technology wrinkle treatment Ankara is presented to you as a complex procedure. Plasma technology has been using a lot recently in wrinkle treatment. Of course, people have some question marks in mind. What is this technology? How to use? In this article, we will try to give you more detailed information on this subject. How are the services that stand out so much in the press and social media? We will try to give detailed information about these issues.

What is Plasma Technology Wrinkle Treatment?

Plasma technology Ankara is a highly preferred system in wrinkle treatment. In fact, after a certain age, people may have too many wrinkles, especially on the face and around the eyes. In fact, it is caused by the deficiency of some acids in the body. At the same time, with age, we can face negativity due to air pollution in the environment we live in. In this case, plasma energy enables you to achieve the aesthetic result you want without surgery. In fact, water vapor, which is in gaseous form, contains nitrogen(azote). Plasma energy is recycled with high energy, which ensures that problematic tissues are destroyed.

How is Plasma Technology Wrinkle Treatment Performed?

Plasma technology does not require any preparation for wrinkle treatment. It is a process that you can go directly without an appointment. Primarily, the area to be treated is cleaned. Special anesthetic creams are then applied. After that, the process starts after 30 to 45 minutes with the area numb. Half an hour is applied to each eyelid. This ensures results. Of course, if an operation is to be performed on the face for wrinkle treatment, a different regional procedure can be performed accordingly. Therefore, the important thing is that how long the process will take will be determined entirely by the expert. It may have a crusty appearance at first. However, this crusty appearance will disappear completely within 10 days.

Who Can Have Plasma Technology Wrinkle Treatment?

Plasma technology wrinkle treatment does not have any side effects. It is a procedure that can be suitable for everyone. Both men and women can easily have this procedure. Also, as we just said, you don't need to have any pre-consult regarding the transaction. However, it would be more correct to get an expert opinion and have it applied.

Plasma Technology Wrinkle Treatment Is There Any Side Effects?

You will not encounter any side effects related to plasma technology wrinkle treatment. There will be crusting only after the procedure. It will be gone in a few days. Other than that, there is no problem. You can cover this very simply with creams and ingredients such as foundation.

How Long Does Plasma Technology Wrinkle Treatment Take And When Will I Return To Daily Life?

The treatment of the eyelid in plasma technology wrinkle treatment takes approximately half an hour on average. However, the process may change in the treatment to be performed on the face or in the procedures to be performed on the neck. It may be a few sessions. In this sense, you can reach healthier results by consult with the expert and getting information. However, you can continue to your daily life immediately.

Is Plasma Technology Wrinkle Treatment Performed Under Anesthesia?

Plasma technology wrinkle treatment is not a procedure performed under anesthesia. It is performed under local anesthesia. In a more accurate term, anesthetic creams are used. In this regard, you can come to our clinic and reach all the results you want. Our clinic serves in Ankara. It has been with you for years with the most successful aesthetic works in this regard. Our experts will also give you the necessary information. You can complete your transactions in a healthier way. In this sense, you can trust us.